- M U S I C -

Music is a big part of my existence as an independent-y kinda guy, so I decided to make a page here to talk a bit about it and give some downloads. Check 'em out below!

drag and drop

This is a little practice tracker tune I put together over a couple of days after looking at a couple of XM modules; old-school tracker music is so cool, haha.

So this is kind of a fast-paced, active, jazz / rock combo kind of thing. You can take a listen or download the song itself from SoundCloud. You can also click here to download the .sunvox song module.


This is kind of a more serious electro-banger. I made it with Renoise in about a day. It's pretty sick, and I'd generally recommend trying Renoise out.

If you want to download the song's audio file, you can do so from the SoundCloud embed above. You can also download the Renoise project file here.

I might keep uploading downloadable songs to this space, so keep an eye on it~!

. . . . .