- G E A R E N D -

GEAREND is a small 2D non-linear action exploration game. You control a small robot named Epsilon-98, or "Eps", as he explores an abandoned robotics research facility. Having been activated by outside forces, he sets out to help the last remaining humans and friendly robots in the facility. The game is available for Windows and Linux. (macOS support is planned!)

In the moonlight.
Fighting the Forgotten.
Underneath a piercing gaze.
Face off in the desert.

Find and equip arm, leg, and core parts to help you fight, move, and explore in the sprawling remains of an institute of artificial intelligence.

The game is finished and available for purchase on itch.io and Steam. Everyone who purchases the game on itch.io will have access to a Steam key as well.

The official soundtrack to the game contains close to an hour-and-a-half of music, and covers a wide variety of genres. It can be purchased and listened to on Bandcamp here.


As for use of footage of Gearend in online videos (livestreams, let's plays, reviews, etc), please feel free to record the game. You may also use the OST in online videos and livestreams if you attribute the music to me, and purchase it, of course. :)